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February 23rd, 2011

I’ve recently had several of my friends get their email/facebook accounts hacked. Since I happen to know a bit about those things, I thought I’d give some basic guidelines that will greatly reduce your chances of getting hacked.

A majority of hacking attempts always revolve around your password. Your password is your front door lock. While hackers can try other avenues of attack, your front door being unlocked is the preferred way to get in! To protect yourself better, follow these rules with passwords…

  • make sure they are at least 8 characters
  • use letters & numbers, uppercase & lowercase, & special characters (if allowed)
  • do not use dictionary words or names/dates that can be attributed to you or are listed on another web page (such as on your facebook page)
  • do not use the same password for facebook & email, do not do slight variations (such as increment a number). All of these allow a hacker to easily take control of all of your stuff
  • A suggestion that I give people is for them to take a favorite movie, book, phrase or something similar, take the first letter of each word, add in a few numbers & special characters, and then you’ve got something that’s pretty easy to remember but difficult to come up with. Again, don’t use the same password on multiple sites.

    Using the above techniques will greatly reduce your risk online, and hopefully keep all of your accounts YOURS! 🙂



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