December 17th, 2014

I have attended several airshows recently that I’ve started trying to hit up every year. While both are not real large, they usually do have a nice mix of acts that travel the Southeast. One is the Winston-Salem Airshow, the other is Warriors & Warbirds, or Warbirds over Monroe, in Monroe, NC (just outside of Charlotte). The Warbirds focuses mostly on vintage aircraft, while Winston-Salem can have about anything (although active duty military aircraft don’t currently participate). If you get a chance, these are certainly two airshows where you can see the action pretty well, doesn’t cost too much, and they put on a great display.

One of the really cool aircraft at Winston Salem was the only civilian owned & operated British Sea Harrier in the world. I’ve seen these aircraft doing active duty airshow demonstrations many years ago, so it was really neat to get to see one again. They put on a good show, and while this one didn’t do quite as much as the active duty Harriers did, it was a great display.

So here are the photos from both events (1 page).

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