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March 6th, 2014

…because you all may think I’ve fallen off the planet. I have been doing updates from my Facebook page, but need to keep them both going or else find a way to update FB and Castle Graphics with one post. If any of you all know how to do that, ping me! At any rate, you can see my many updates on FB here. But I’ll also get some updates here, and try to do a bit better this year.

Also got a new camera, a Nikon 7100. Very pleased with it thus far. My Nikon 3100 has taken over 20,000 photos without any maintenance or problems whatsoever, so if you ask me for my camera opinions…I think you’ll know the answer! It has also been dropped fairly heavily at least twice…so there you go.

The photo above was taken in January, I heard a massive noise outside and when I went out, four Blackhawks and a C130 were overhead, refueling. I drove up to the top of the hill, hoping to get a photo of them as they headed out to the west. Unfortunately didn’t catch them all refueling, but got the 4 Blackhawks heading north as dusk fell. Pretty cool shot, I thought!

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