The Last days of Steam…

June 24th, 2012

…well, at least for the time being on the mainline here in NC.

The Southern 2-8-0 #630 finally rolled out of the state on its way back home to Tennessee after being here for almost a month. Got a lot of chances to do see it, so I took them. Hey, planes, trains and automobiles, right?

To see the full gallery of photos (almost 3 pages), click here. To go to the next page you can click the numbers at the lower right.

I posted some videos of the trips:
June 6th – into the Carolinas
June 9th – Trips from Spencer to Barber
June 23rd – up to Winston Salem
June 24th – Goodbye to the Carolinas

I’ll also probably post a ‘best of’ here in the next few days with some previously unseen clips as well.

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