Catching back up…

March 19th, 2012

Had a very busy last six months…for a multitude of reasons, some good and some bad, but getting things back into shape. Posted most of the good stuff from those months (not counting the Rolex 24, obviously) just today.

Got a great shot of the moon. Not quite as good as a friend of mine, Scott Stockton got with his 400 mm, but hey, got to work with whatcha got. Also did some work with low shutter speed on some waterfall pics at South Mountain that turned out cool. Some great shots of harvesting, and some new cool pics of fog, barns and the moon! Love the pic above…it really looks like something from the Lord of the Rings…

You can see all the latest photos here…there’s about 1 and a half pages of them (numbers in the lower left-hand corner).

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