Blinded by the light…

July 14th, 2014

2014-06-10_4096…I love summer thunderstorms. That’s probably my most favorite part of summer…has been since I was a kid. I always look forward to a nice thunderstorm at dusk to go out and do some photography. So here’s a great shot of an oncoming thunderstorm on the western horizon.

Night photography of thunderstorms is really all about finding the right storm. You need to find one that has very frequent lightning strikes, as if you tackle one that is very infrequent, you’re going to get frustrated. This storm was a superb example, this is only one of about 50 shots I got. Not all of them were good, but this one was nice. As well, make sure you have a tripod, and keep your ISO 400 or lower. Above all…be safe! When the storm starts getting close, do not hang around for that aptly named “last” shot…

The moon is super!

July 14th, 2014

2014-07-13_4713 So many of you may have went out to look at the moon on Saturday, it was certainly nice! For those of you who would like to inspect it up close like an Apollo astronaut, here’s a chance!

Taken through 400mm lens, F 5.6, ISO 200, EX 1/1000. I had tried it earlier with a higher ISO and it was too grainy, this was just right!