NorthBrook Antique Tractor Pull

June 20th, 2010

Latest photos from the June 19th meet are posted online, you can get to them from this link.

Some pretty good shots out of this batch, a lot of interesting angles and closeups. It was hotter than a firecracker, but didn’t get roasted too bad.

I also ended up creating a new album for Antique Tractor Pulls due to the recent interest. Please note, for those not familiar with the site, that the transportation galleries can be accessed directly through

Yeah, a little behind…

June 5th, 2010

Sorry for the HUGE delay. I got behind due to taking a few photo shoots here and there, and then had a huge backlog of photos to go through. So now you get to see some of the photos from when it was still cold! Some of you might be wishing you could have some of the chilly air from these photos cool your house down!

Also actually set up a booth at a local event to see how it would go at selling my photos. Worked out pretty decent for a first try.

At any rate…enjoy. You can see all the latest photos by clicking here.