Finally back!

February 24th, 2009

Castle Graphics is now back up and running!  And even though it may look the same, there are some very substancial changes now…

For one, all of the Transportation Photography can be found at, you can click on the menu above as well (so you might as well bookmark this site, that way you can see everything).

Transport will contain all of my collection of railroad stuff, plus all my other transport photography photos.  It is more designed for people who are interested in the railway, aviation, agriculture and automotive photos, not for just photography.

Castle Graphics (main site) will have only my photography, and will include some of my better transportation photos, but will be geared more towards photography in general.

This year you’ll see most of my digital photos that I consider the ‘best’, and I’ll still be scanning away on the older stuff.  I’ve put up a lot more content (well, getting there) so you can see a more comprehensive example of all the stuff I take.

At any rate…welcome back, and stay tuned…about 230 more photos to upload just this week!  :mrgreen:  Just click on the “Galleries” link above!